Amazing Karimun Jawa Island 2015

Karimun Jawa
Karimun Jawa
Karimunjawa island located in the north of the island of Java which consists of 27 islands, both of which are already inhabited and uninhabited islands. Based onexisting data Karimun islands of Java has five inhabited islands and 22 others are still inhabited.

Karimunjawa name is derived from folklore about supposedly throwing his first Sunan muria naughty namely Amir Sheikh Hasar kremun kremun to the island, in the Java language kremun kremun means samar.By therefore Karimun island is commonly known by the name karimunjawa.

In 2001, precisely in March island karimunjawa made the National Park in addition to the abundance of coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forests as well as hundreds of species of marine fauna more than 200 species therein.To visit karimunjawa located about 83 kilometers north of the city of Jepara, tourists can use sea transportation by ship both of Semarang and Jepara. If from Semarang using fast boat trip usually takes 2-3 hours, but if emergency Jepara that kartini harbor with boats departing economy once every two days will take approximately 6 hours of travel time.

Tourist activities on the karimunjawa island 

The beauty of the white sand along the coast decorate so captivate the visitors who come to this island. In addition, visitors can also do a variety of activities such as snorkeling, diving, a visit to the breeding of sharks and swim with the fish. for those who do not like to swim, supplied glass bottom boat to enjoy the beauty that is underwater.

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